Welcome to Lantern town

“There is no love sincerer than the love for food”

(George Bernard Shaw)

For us, it is love for cooking for those we invite to our table.

You love eating good food and so do we.

Hoi An, also called the Town of Lanterns , is famous for its charming beauty, friendly people and tasty local food.

Lantern Town restaurant is a typical Vietnamese restaurant located centrally in the middle of Hoi an ancient town and specialize in serving authentic Vietnamese food, Hoian’s specialities and unique fusion dishes.

An old Vietnamese saying tells us:”If you want to eat good food, roll into the kitchen”

When you are in Lantern Town , we share you passion for good food but let us “roll into the kitchen” to prepare it for you as we have truly passionate and experienced chefs.

We believe that food does not taste good without fresh ingredients and clean preparations.

Our food and drinks are prepared from fresh local fruits and vegetables with the aid of water filtration system.

Our ingredients are provided from certificated reliable suppliers. Our water for washing, for making ice and for drinking is purified or filterd. No MSG or preservatives are used to ensure the real taste and safety.

At our Lantern Town restaurant, the tasty, typical traditional Vietnamese and Hoian cuisine is top prioritized as the foundation of our cuisine concept. Our open kitchen welcomes you to share and experience our culinary secrets.

We would welcome and appreciate any of your comments or suggestions to help improve our services.


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